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New Theme Release : Avery

  • Posted on Mar 28, 2016
We've just released a new WordPress theme called Avery. It's a very simple theme at first glance, but has some very nice customizable features for anyone who likes to use imagery within content. Continue Reading

Big Update to Orion WordPress Theme

  • Posted on Feb 10, 2016
Orion, originally released in 2009 has always been a popular theme. One major fallback is that it wasn't responsive - until now. We essentially took the same design, flattened some gradients, greatly enhanced the publishing experience and added some nifties for you designers and developers to make it your own. One major task was porting the theme options to the core WordPress Customizer. It's a huge improvement and we think you're going to love using it. Continue Reading

New Theme Release - Lightfast

  • Posted on Jul 08, 2014

Lightfast is the newest addition to our WordPress theme collection. It incorporates a simple design with special attention to typography, page speed, white-space and customizability.

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Breeze Theme - Responsive Update

  • Posted on Feb 28, 2014

One of our most popular themes, Breeze has recently been updated with some enhancements and new features.

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Mobius: A lightweight, responsive theme for WordPress

  • Posted on Jan 27, 2014
We've just released a new theme called "Mobius" which includes some really nice color presets, is mobile-responsive, and has several built-in features you won't find in many other WordPress themes. Continue Reading

Synapse 3.0 Update

  • Posted on Sep 22, 2013

We've just pushed out Synapse 3.0 this weekend which includes some new features and fixes. This is a major version update, so please be sure to follow the on-screen instructions and back up your current version just in case.

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Upcoming Framework Updates and Compatibility

  • Posted on Jul 24, 2013
One of the toughest challenges of designing and building themes is the desire and ability to pretty much do whatever one can conceive — all while taking usability, scalability and customizability into consideration. Continue Reading

Synapse v.2.0 Release Notes

  • Posted on Oct 30, 2012
If you're using Synapse as a child theme, you should see an update to v.2.0 in your control panel... Continue Reading

Skeleton WordPress Theme

  • Posted on Aug 15, 2011
Responsive web design is a popular topic these days, and is proving to be a great avenue for promoting usability, simplicity, and overall compatibility. We've decided to build our latest simple WordPress theme around a very popular responsive boilerplate, coupled with the popular Options Framework for full customization. Skeleton includes a free bbPress(2) theme and it's absolutely free! Take Skeleton for a test drive and download it today. Continue Reading

Presstige Promo Video

  • Posted on Jul 07, 2011

While recording some new screencast, I recently had the chance to play with 3d Studio Max and create some neat intro effects. This was the result f a 24-hour crash course in 3d.

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