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  • Posted on May 01, 2011

MovingAs you may know, I have quite a history with Joomla going back almost 6 years, beginning with Mambo. When I started Simple Themes, I had this grand idea to build "companion" themes for both WordPress and Joomla. Since opening the doors to paid memberships, I've come to the realization that each CMS needs it's own home.

So, effective immediately all of our Joomla templates have been moved to This actually isn't too far from home at all, seeing how I originally founded Joomlashack back in 2006. It has since been acquired by some really awesome people - a team I am looking forward to working with. Since my departure, they have assembled a team of an amazing support staff, including a PHP developer, a marketing strategist, and another great designer.

Here's the skinny version:

Simple Themes has just begun an exclusive partnership with I will be on-hand indefinitely with their team, providing support and updates to existing templates, as well as cranking out a new one every month.

Now, if you have an existing Joomla membership here at Simple Themes, don't worry. Nothing will change. You'll still be able to download your templates, get support in the forums, get updates, etc. for the duration of your membership.

Some of you may ask "why". The reason here is two-fold.

1.) Joomla template memberships only count for 25% of our entire user base. This is not a very good number considering all the work that goes into production. In order to grow in this arena, we’ll need to do a little better. By moving the templates to a larger web site with over 300 times the traffic and a more recognizable brand for Joomla templates, we’ll be able to focus our individual efforts to grow and improve.

2.) The terminology is somewhat confusing. The differentiation of the terms "theme" and "template" are actually not very user-friendly to new users looking for a product. Many users are initially confused when landing on the Simple Themes web site, and we want to make sure that the brand “Simple Themes” properly reflects just this; WordPress Themes. It also doesn't help in terms of SEO when trying to place well for "Joomla Templates". Not too many people go out searching for "Joomla Themes".

I appreciate your support and look forward to serving you better than ever.

Casey Lee

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