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Responsive Images // Synapse


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We’ve recently updated the framework which affects Synapse and Element. The latest fix adds native responsive support for images inserted via the WordPress editor.

Changelog: http://www.simplethemes.com/wordpress-themes/changelog/synapse
Original Thread (Element): http://www.simplethemes.com/support/viewthread/1160/#3341

Ok, I’ve just added default responsive image support to the theme. You should be able to resolve this just by updating the theme.

This fix applies to post thumbnails (featured images) as well as images inserted through the editor.

Note: This function simply removes the width and height image attributes when inserted from the WP editor. Images that were inserted prior to this release will not automatically inherit these properties. (You’ll need to remove the width and height tags manually or reinsert the image).

I’ve also added the CSS fix mentioned above, which applies the rules to all images within the main content area.


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Awesome! Thanks so much for this addition!