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I’m trying to setup pages in the Synapse template and it’s not showing them. I checked the downloaded files and they’re not there or in any of the other themes I downloaded. Can someone please tell me where to find these?

Also, do any of the themes come with the sample text? I’d like to be able to have that so I can change it to what I want without trying to add it all from scratch. I know alot of themes come with this. I would change it to my own information quickly so as not to appear as duplicate content to the engines.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Hi Cami,

How exactly did you install the theme(s)? Did you extract the package and upload only the theme files as in the docs?

As for sample text, the themes come with content templates that you can use to create several page layouts. It sounds like a simple misconfiguration or maybe a step was missed. If you’d like to PM me your wp-admin info, I’ll be glad to login and take a look.