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revisiting callout documentation question….


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KateCM - 14 February 2013 11:19 AM

I can ask this now because I found the code I copied. It was buried in the Synapse theme. Does it only work on that theme? I have found other things found in other themes work in Elements: http://www.simplethemes.com/wordpress-themes/demo/synapse  When you click the callouts link on this page…seems to be the same URL for the whole demo so I included a screenshot….hopefully. At any rate it is under shortcodes >callout inline link.

HERE IS THE QUOTE FROM LAST POST: Another thing: on http://inkvoices.com/one-day-build/working-together/ I have the following code but no callout styles showing. What am I doing wrong? I don’t see it. I would like to put all that content in boxes but want to find out why this one NO STYLE:) I wasn’t sure if % would work without division added (Do I need to add divisions first?) but why no color?

I love your themes and will promote them but may I nicely complain that your documentation is all over the place? I would have to write a Guide to Simple Themes documentation PDF for clients! I can’t tell what may only work in one theme and not another because I have certainly used documentation from other themes and it worked…hire me to straighten it out for you:)

Okay, here is the code…

[callout width="50%" align="right" style="lightblue" title="Preparing Content"]CONTENT HERE.[/callout] 

something wrong here?
ASIDE: I Took it off that page because it was not working. If it will never work, why leave it there?! If it should work, let me know.