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Textarea problem


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I have been having problems with a contact form I am making. It seems that in formalize.css textarea width is set to 100%

So no matter what I do I can’t set the textarea to be 80 columns.

I am using a plugin that does not have a css tag on the textarea of it’s own so that is why I am having the problem.

From your perspective is that width setting in formalize.css necessary? It seems overkill.


M Aronoff


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Not really. The 100% is relative to the width of the parent element. If the textarea is in a one_third div it would be 100% of the width of that element. If you’re saying you have no control over the markup, your best bet would be to add a custom rule to that textarea; for example based on the page’s body class:

body.page-slug textarea {
 width: 300px;