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Restoring Site


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I’m at a loss folks. Long story. My site was hacked (in process of being scrubbed and fixed as I type). I realized I hadn’t updated my theme since I purchased it (was running version 2.3 or something). I know my bad. So I decided to reinstall the theme. What I didn’t realize that my layout would not be there. I’m no WP expert and I did my site in 2011 so I’ve totally forgotten how I did it.

I need to know how I can make my home page (which is static) to look like it once did. See attached image and ignore the defacing by the hacker.

Also, I need help adding the sidebar to my blog with all of my widgets.

I’m sure I’ll have more questions… I just don’t know what they are. I hope to have access to my site soon… off to call GoDaddy.





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WordPress should save your settings. The most common thing though, is the widget assignments as WordPress does a poor job with theme instances. If they are lost or missing, you should be able to see them at the bottom of the Widgets page under “Inactive Widgets”.

Unfortunately, you may have to restore these by hand. To show widgets only in your blog section, add them to the Posts (left or right) widget location, depending on your theme settings.

Another great plugin for page-specific Widget loading is Dynamic Widgets: