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TEST RESOURCE - “Host-Tracker.com” - Check your web site’s load times for 20+ global locations


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This is a FREE resource to test your web site's loading times (even for individual web pages).

No downloads or plug-ins necessary.

Go to... "Host-Tracker.com" and enter the URL for your home page or individual pages. After approximately 30 seconds a table will be displayed showing the various download times for locations around the world. It's a good way to find out if you need to pursue additional speed clean-up issues using tools such as "Yslow". (Refer to http://www.Yslow.org for those details and resources.)

I was told about this a few days ago by a Tech Support rep at GoDaddy.com where I have been hosting web sites for many years.

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Thanks for sharing. Hopefully someone will find this useful.