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Slideshow not working?


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Greetings all,

First, I want to preface this post with the fact that Casey has done an amazing job on the templates. This post is by no means in ANY way to denigrade his efforts! I also recognize the fact that he is only one person (presumably) working to make all things run smoothly and thus he cannot possibly adress all concerns within a split-second of our requests, especially if any of us can simply just google the answer or just merely need more education on how WP/CSS/PHP/infections(ugh) works.

That said, the sites I have setup need immediate attention due to the public investment nature of them. That means either learning 'on the fly' how to fix things or find other methods to do the same thing. To that end, I found "Meta Slider Lite" to be an equal plugin tool to get your slides up and running quickly.

Thanks again Casey for your hardwork!