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Loading speed very slow


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I purchased the Onyx theme a long time ago and I am very happy with it. It is however very very slow when loading. I am getting a good Alexa visitor rating but the slow site is very restricting as I would like to add a membership facility to the site but it is already too slow. Attached are some pictures showing that there maybe some theme settings causing the slowness. At first I thought it was our servers but we have used the theme on 3 different hosting companies and the speeds have not improved. Your help and assistance will be appreciated. I am a non tech website user so please keep things simple. The main site is at http://www.expert4x.com and speed vary from 3 to 4 seconds to being timed out for this site.

I also attach of the plugins I have active

Alternatively please recommend a theme that my be more effecient










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There are a few things you can do that will likely help. I didn’t experience the 3-4 seconds that you did, but then again that could be due to DNS lookup or ISP. If you experience the same thing from another computer with a comparable connection, you may be able to rule that out. DNS is a tricky beast (see #2 below).

The main things that I would definitely suggest looking into are:

1.) I noticed the redirect time from www to non-www had a big impact on the initial page load. Verify your domain registrar isn’t lagging out on you. Sometimes IP forwarded domains vs. DNS hostname forwarding can make a little difference. A lot of little differences can make one big difference especially when you’re loading as many resources as you are.

2.) The Pingdom report suggests you aren’t benefiting from any cache headers. Take a look at the HTML Boilerplate .htaccess and migrate what looks applicable into yours.

3.) Lastly, I’d highly recommend minifying your CSS and JS. I’d check out some minifying plugins like simple minify. I also noticed the aweber forms were taking an entire 2 seconds. 1.3s for a single image! I wouldn’t be surprised if that was half the problem itself.

Regarding minify(3), if you want to PM me privately with wp-content FTP access and wp-admin credentials, I’ll be glad to make sure the theme is up to date with the latest enqueueing methods. One of the requirements of minifying plugins is that scripts and CSS are properly enqueued. Onyx is an older theme and I’m not 100% certain it’ll be a plug-and-play process. I’ll be glad to help out there if you need me to.