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onyx theme not responsive


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dear casey

my webmaster built our site http://www.nhnn.nl with onyx. but it is not responsive on a mobile. it shows the menu from a - z. and not the main menu the site uses. how and where can we change this?
i also have synapse as a theme, but that has no 3 column pages.

or do i need mobius?
can i just change from onyx to mobius?

kind regards frans van rooijen,

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Hi, I'm afraid Mobius doesn't use a 3-column layout either. It only supports right OR left.

Three-column layouts are very difficult to control responsively because of the linear order of the page content. For example, on mobile the page would display in the order of sidebar2 > content > sidebar1 (with typical CSS floats).

If you feel that Onyx suits your needs on Desktop and your only complaint with the mobile site is the menu, you might try modifying the menu code in the mobile theme as indicated here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-wordpress-mobile-pack-use-a-different-menu-for-mobile-theme#post-3048275

Personally, I think switching from Onyx to Mobius is a major upgrade, but if the three-column layout is a deal breaker, then you might just stick with what you have. Keep in mind, with Mobius and a little restructuring, you could move some of your supplementary sidebar content to the 'Above Content' and 'Below Content' widget locations. Just a thought.