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Thank You


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Hi there,

This isn't a compliant or a post requesting help.

I just want to say thanks. I've used a lot of themes. A lot. And you guys have your act together.

You have a great balance between all the elements needed to make WordPress work as a CMS.

Had I known what I know now about WP as a CMS, I might have gone with a different platform.

It has been a long learning process, and when I say great job, it means a lot, more than most people would appreciate.

Between Design, Usability, SEO, Features, Functions, and so many other elements. I can tell you guys have been around the block more than once, and have created something you should get more credit and popularity for.

Keep developing and promoting. Please.

And Thank YOU.



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Thanks for the kind words, Jeff. It's always great to hear from satisfied users.