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admin speed problem since upgrading to 3.0.9


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Hi Casey,

Since updating the core theme to 3.0.9 I have experienced a dramatic slowdown in page load times on the WP admin pages. It’s taking around 8 seconds to refresh an admin page (no edits). I have 3 sites on the same server - all running the latest version of WP - and this issue is only affecting the WP admin pages on the 2 sites running Synapse 3.0.9.



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Hi Anton,

I honestly can’t think of any reason why the theme would effect the entire admin section. No scripts are dynamic and the theme uses the core enqueue functions.

Are you running the latest version of WP?

This posts suggests hitting yourdomain/wp-admin/upgrade.php in your browser.

Are there any other variables such as third party add-ons that could be causing this? Have you tried disabling/enabling plugins as a litmus test? Do you see anything abnormal in your error logs?

I’ve experienced this before and it seems to have fixed itself with an upgrade. I believe it was due (at the time) to Jetpack and an external source that was not loading which caused the page to get hung up on scripts.