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Slides not displaying


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Hello! I realize this has been asked a few dozen times (lol) ... but I just installed and I’m unable to get slides to display ... I did verify that wordpress/wp-content/themes/presstige/cache is set to 777.

I’m able to set the featured image, but when I update and click ‘view slide’ I get a title with no image.

Also - in case this is related ... when I edit a page and click ‘insert slideshow’ I get the dialog box, but when I click ‘insert shortcode’ nothing happens.  I have to click ‘cancel’ to leave the dialog box.

I am running Wordpress 3.9 which I believe is quite new - so if that’s the issue - just let me know.




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Hi Josh,

As for the slideshow images not rendering (assuming you’ve inserted the slideshow shortcode) it’s a little difficult to be 100% sure without seeing the problem firsthand. What version of Presstige do you have? Can you share a link?

If not, a few things to check:

• Be sure the slideshow category ID is correct in the shortcode
• Be sure the slideshow category slug is one word (no spaces or symbols)
• Cache directory Permissions (755 or 777 depending on your Apache/PHP user config)

As for the editor “Insert Slideshow” button not firing, I am aware of this. WordPress 3.9 brought a major update to the TinyMCE editor, so our editor plugins had to be rewritten as well. I’ve applied the update to most themes, but Presstige is next on the list.

I’ll let you know as soon as it’s pushed up.