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Buttons not functioning properly when using page templates


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When using page templates as described in the tutorial video, the “Big Button” button in the bottom “Call to Action” box is not displayed properly. It is displayed as Red text which highlights on mouseover, but there is no button surrounding it.

If I manually add the bracketed button shortcode before the closing

in the CTA box, it is displayed properly.

Also, just FWIW, in the example tutorial, when the page templates icon is selected, A popup box is displayed with actual text descriptions of each page template, and a small preview on the right.
When I select it in my theme, a larger popup appears, with dropdown boxes at the top that simply says “Template_One” through “Template_Six.

I have tried impacto, and can get it to work properly as far as the shortcode buttons, but the page templates selection box also displays as above.

I am on shared (reseller) hosting, and I’m wondering if maybe something isn’t enabled on my server?


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Hi, Onyx was recently updated with the release of WP 3.9 which included a major overhaul of TinyMCE and our content template plugin had to be updated. So yes, it looks a little different than the video, but it should function all the same.

Can you verify this is what you’re seeing?

As for the button code in the content templates, I can verify this problem. If you’ll re-download Onyx and update functions.php, this issue should be resolved.

Some of the buttons within content templates are shortcodes while others are hardcoded HTML for better visual representation. The only drawback to this method is that you’ll have to switch to code view and change the class from “black” to whichever color you want to use. I plan on improving this in the near future so that it uses the primary color from the theme options.

One final note, Onyx was originally released in 2010 and has been stabilized and maintained, but you could probaly pull off a very similar (and responsive) feel with a much more modern theme with Mobius style9.