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Unable to use Breeze theme features: Insert Content, Insert Slideshow etc. 


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I have just installed WordPress and after that installed Breeze which I purchased from Simple themes.
When I go to edit or create a page I unable to use any of the Breeze theme features, such as Insert Content or Insert Slideshow etc. The options and the menu is there, and I get the little pop-up selection windows, but when I click on something (such as Insert Content button, after having selected a template) nothing happens and nothing is added to the page I am working on.
I am still able to edit the Breeze general option of Layout and Appearance etc. That's working fine.
After reading some an other thread I installed and activated smpl-shortcodes, but still no luck.
I have WordPress installed in Swedish: wordpress-3.9.1-sv_SE, don't know if that matters?


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I've just updated Breeze to 2.1.6 with some significant improvements to the content templates.
Can you update and let me know if that resolves the issue(s)?

If not, can you tell me if there are any other editor (or other potentially conflicting) plugins installed?

If you'd like me to take a look at it first-hand, feel free to PM me with a temporary login.