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With Wordpress 4.0. Preview page gives 404


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Would appreciate to hear if anyone had similar experience or a solution running Presstige theme or other.

After the upgrade from 3.9 to 4.0 I got a 404 for a preview of existing or new pages and posts.

After checking all plugins, 3 or 4 at a time, re-installing 4.0, deactivating all plugins and re-activating, checking high vulnarability plugins like Wordfence and https the problem could not be solved.
Saw nothing strange in standard theme codes.

Thus I downgraded to 3.9.2 and everything was fine again.
Otherwise theme works like a dream and no conflicts presents.

My immediate conclusion is that if it is not WP 4.0 it may have to do with the theme even though unlikely.

This particular problem of 404 on preview page is well raised in many fora since 2009 but without any expert solutions.

Anyone have a clue here. Maybe this post should be in general as well.



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Do you have any rules or security policies that might be causing this in your .htaccess file by chance?
Have you tried re-saving your permalink structure?
Does updating to 4.0.1 make any difference?