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Install child theme after configuring Synapse


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OK, I should have installed the synapse-child theme when I installed Synapse, but I didn’t. I thought I could add it later; that time has come. Now I want to customize something, specifically, removing the featured image from the single post.

Does activating Child mean I have to start from scratch with everything I’ve done so far to configure Synapse? From what I’ve read, it does.

You offered a script at one time to address this but I don’t know how it works or if it still works with 3.x.

So, do I need to write down every setting, size, color, widget location, etc. as though I’m going to wipe Synapse and reinstall it?

I’ve copied the synapse-child zip contents to themes/synapse-child but I haven’t activated it.

Sorry in advance for such a newbie mistake and question.



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See this Element thread: https://www.simplethemes.com/support/viewthread/2081/

If your theme is “Synapse” and the child theme is “Synapse Child” you should be able to use this.

Just run it once until you see the theme changes and then you can remove it.