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Background image in teaser not displayed properly


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On each page of my website I like to have a banner at the top. All my pages are based on the layout builder, so my idea was to use the teaser for this.

I have done the following:
- For the teaser content I specified a space for both the Title and Body Text (otherwise the teaser is not shown)
- I have added a background image with a size of 950 x 125.
- I have set the teaser height to 125 pixels.
- I have set the parralax offset to 0 (because I don’t want the banner to scroll).

When I set the background repeat to ‘No repeat’ the image is not shown at all. If I try the ‘Repeat-Y (top to bottom)’ option the image is shown, but is completely mixed up.

If the website page contains quite some text then the teaser always shrinks and there seems to be no way how I can prevent this. I have already reduced the footer height as was suggested in another post.

It looks like it has something to do with an internal offset that is wrongly calculated. What are my options to correct this?


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Hi, The teaser background is designed to be used as a parallax and it sounds like you’re wanting to show a fixed image without text, correct? This solution should get you sorted.  Please let me know if not.