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Error message on website


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Hello. After an update I got an error message on my site http://www.feldenkraismetoden.no, and it looks awful.

The error message is as follows:

Strict Standards: Declaration of st_primary_walker::start_el() should be compatible with Walker_Nav_Menu::start_el(&$output, $item, $depth = 0, $args = Array, $id = 0) in /customers/b/2/4/feldenkraismetoden.no/httpd.www/wp-content/themes/breeze/functions.php on line 417 Notice: Undefined variable: stackarray in /customers/b/2/4/feldenkraismetoden.no/httpd.www/wp-content/themes/breeze/functions.php on line 1677

What is causing this problem?


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Hi, Those are strict standards ‘notices’, not necessarily errors. The problem is they are being printed to the screen and should only be visible in a development environment rather than a live server.

Check to make sure that wp-config.php has:


instead of:


Furthermore, I’ve corrected these issues and have pushed them up in the 2.1.9 update. You may want to look into the PHP error reporting settings on your server as well. By displaying such messages, you’re telling malicious bots/hackers the absolute path to your system files.

Let me know if the settings and/or update resolves the issue for you.