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Jigoshop Shop Page Not Showing Products


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I just noticed that our shop page (http://simplebeadpatterns.com/shop/) is not showing our Jigoshop products.  When you do a search on the right menu bar, the light gray bar underneath the menu bar shows Home - Shop - Search Results for…  When you click on Shop, it shows just one product called “Shop” with the Price Not Announced.  Is this something to do with the Skeleton theme, or Jigoshop?

I tried editing the shop page and it had said that it was last edited by Skeleton, which is the admin account I set up for you.  I am guessing that you edited this page when you fixed the problem with the search widget (which we really appreciated!)  We use different pages to display our products and I think the only link to the shop page is underneath the menu bar when you do a search, but it would be nice to fix this so that it shows all of our products instead.

Thank you for your help!