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Centering Footer Content


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Hi Casey,

I’ve run into an issue with the footer on my page and need some help.

Basically, I’m only utilizing 3 of the footer widgets (because that’s all I need), however, I can’t figure out how to center all of the widgets so that they look aligned with the center of the page. I tried centering the content of each widget and also tried adding a fourth widgets with just spaces, but that didn’t seem to work. For now, the far left widget and center widgets look aligned, it’s just the one on the far right that looks out of place.

Any help and assistance you can provide on this is greatly appreciated.




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Hi Stephanie,

Is this what you’re after?

If so, you can achieve this by going to Appearance → Editor → style5.css (or just edit via FTP) and add the following rules:

widget-last.text-3 {