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No ‘insert content’ button


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Just installed the theme—not sure if I followed directions exactly. As my php.ini file restricts file size for uploads, I’ve had to use Dreamweaver to upload. I now have the Orion theme and Child theme in the Themes folder. I selected the Child theme and activated it.

As I have been working on this site for some time I have a lot of plugins—I deactivated almost all of them.

Still no “insert content” button.

See pic attached of file hierarchy.

You can see the website here: http://www.nscommunitylinks.ca/new2




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Looks like you have it set up correctly.

The insert content/template should be in the editor toolbar like so: http://cl.ly/3j372C383k1k
Are you still not seeing it there? I’ll be glad to take a closer look if you’d like to PM me with a temp wp-admin account.