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Theme CSS not loading


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Hi there,

Having an interesting problem where on occasion, my site loads without the themes css and it looks rough.  Sometimes style.css will be missing from lightfast-child directory in the chrome developer tools sources tab.  Sometimes from lightfast itself.  I’m hosting on Amazon ec2, not using any caching plugins. 


Any tips for debugging?  I’m not terribly familiar with WP and I’m not sure what my options are.  Just deployed this afternoon.


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This sounds like an isolated issue with either Chrome or the host. Lightfast loads the CSS using the standard/recommended core function wp_enqueue_style().

Does this occur only when DevTools is open? I typically disable the browser cache in settings:

I do see a missing image at /wp-content/themes/lightfast-child/images/style1/nav_bg_bdr.png, however.