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Two navigation questions.


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Dont know how this ended ip in Impacto, it relates to Mobius which I really like. Just two questions…

1. top navigation is not appearing, even though one exists in menus and has at least 3 items
2. I really like colour schemes 1 or 4 but would like the background for the logo area to be white and the menus coloured.  I experiment with scheme 10 as well.  For any of the above I tried overriding the CSS with background-colour and then text (even tried !important) but it works in Chromes “inspect code” but it is ignored when added to custom css. 

More than happy to tinker but would like direction before I start mashing files.

Thank you for your help!



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For the top menu you just need to add a “Custom Menu Widget” to the “Top Bar” sidebar position from Appearance → Widgets.

For the header colors, it would be best to choose a color scheme for the menu that you like best, then you can customize the header background color from Appearance → Theme Options → Header.