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On Wordpress, where do I upload the zip files?


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So right off the bat I'm stuck.

I got to your instructions for how to upload the custom theme. I downloaded the zip files, but on the Wordpress pages, I don't see anywhere that I can upload the theme.

If I go to Tools -- Import, it's just importing content, not themes (as far as I can figure out).

When I follow the directions on the page on your site, I don't see the upload option. (Appearance -- Themes) It just brings up the WP theme list but I don't see an upload option.

HELP! I'm sure it's me.

Thank you!


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Hi Melanie,

Which theme are you working with?

Typically, the first thing you'll want to do is unzip the file you downloaded ( {Themename}_WP_Unzip.zip ) to your local PC.

Once extracted/unzipped, look inside the expanded directory. Within this directory, you should see the {themename}.zip file and {themename}_child.zip files. These are your actual theme installers.

There are two ways to install:

A.) Extract and upload the contents of the theme installers (via FTP) to the wp-content/themes directory.

B.) Upload the zip files directly via the theme installer located in your WordPress admin at:
Appearance → Themes → Add New → Upload Theme

**If your package includes a theme.zip and theme_child.zip, then you'll want to install both and activate the child theme.

If you're still stuck, just let me know a few more specifics and I'll do what I can to help.