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WPML conflict


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After installing WPML

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘hero_hd’ in /home/jeveuxu/public_html/(mywebsite)/wp-content/themes/avery/inc/scripts.php on line 78

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘sizes’ in /home/jeveuxu/public_html/(mywebsite)/wp-content/themes/avery/inc/layout.php on line 92

Plus, in he translated page, if i change the Hero text, and click Update, the modification is not happening. Still the old text is there.
Please help.


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As for the warnings, this indicates to me that the Hero Image is not set. Do you have an image specified?

As for the translation, these values are ACF values stored in JSON and are not translatable. You can edit this file in wp-content/themes/avery/inc/acf-json/group_56bfb55c2883d.json