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Pasting map link to google or open street map with points and tracks


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I have a site running on Lightfast (1.0.0: http://www.psyctc.org/pelerinage2016/) What I would like to do is to embed links to maps, either invoking google maps or open street maps, which would contain markers of places where I took ‘photos (ideally with clickable links IF I can find the way to do that) and/or showing gpx cycling tracks.  I have done some searching on the web and found a number of plugins that appear to claim to do this but have so far had zero success with them.  They all produce empty boxes or blanks in the posts.  No error messages on screen (it’s a hosted site so I’m not sure how to get the apache logs but I’m sure I can).

I can give more details, I will as I really do want to fix this, but I thought I’d start by asking if anyone else had tried to do this, or part of this, and succeeded or had advice.