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Broken video hero links. ALSO latest version of Avery is 1.0.3 ???


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It looks like all my youtube videos urls have changed from “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=...” to “https://youtu.be/...” but the first part of the url is hardcoded into the hero video section of the theme. How do I change it so it works again?

Also wouldn’t a check box to put in a custom video url, or being able to upload a video to WP media gallery, or some other way to customize that video URL be useful?

P.S. Where are on your site does it give the latest version of the theme / child theme? I would think it would be in the the change-log, but no listing of what’s the latest version is listed anywhere… also how do you turn on auto updates for the theme?

P.S.S. How do I get the custom templates back on the page sidebar options?


WordPress 4.9 running Avery Child Theme theme.
Avery Child ThemeVersion: 0.0.1
AveryVersion: 1.0.3