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Site with WordPress 4.9.1 running Onyx theme Version 4:7 determined not mobile friendly

Poll: Is your Onyx theme mobile friendly?
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Yes, my website with Onyx Version 4.7 is mobile friendly.
No, my website with Onyx Version 4.7 is not mobile friendly.

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Google has determined that our site is not mobile friendly.  You can run your website through their system for analysis:

It was determined that our site was not mobile friendly.  We were assessed of the following problems:

Clickable elements too close together
Viewport not set
Text too small to read

We have Onyx Version: 4.7, which is the current version for the main theme of our website.  Our child themes, plugins, Wordpress version and PHP are all up to date also.

Google will rule, and we drool trying to keep up.

So is there an update with Onyx that would assist in making our site mobile friendly?