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Adding PHP tags to pages


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I'm wondering if I can get a little help adding a php tag. It does not seem to want to render correctly when I add it to the body or the sidebar. I've tried changing the
and the ending from
but it still did not come in right.

The code I am trying to add into the test site I'm setting up scripturefetch.com dev site is:

<?php if (function_exists('sb_display_sermons')) sb_display_sermons(array('display_preacher' => 1
'display_passage' => 1'display_date' => 1'display_player' => 0'preacher' => 0'service' => 0
'series' => 0'limit' => 5'url_only' => 0)) ?> 

It comes from the sermon browser plugin site: sermon browser

Also, whenever I add a image beside any of the feeds it doesn't want to align left of the feed. Perhaps it needs a "float" instead of an "align="left"?

Thanks for your input.

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Are you adding the PHP code to your actual entries and widgets or to the template files themselves? Where in specific do you need to add the code?

WordPress doesn't allow PHP tags in content by default, so you'll need to add it to the template files.
See: WordPress Template Hierarchy

To left align an image, just add a class of "alignleft" to the image, e.g;

img class="alignleft"...