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Alignment issue / blog page and posts sidebar


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Breeze theme, WP3.1.2 on xampp, hopefully on line in 6 hours!

1. Content templates result in page contents from breadcrumbs downwards positioned about 10-15 px left of the title/strapline/menu sections. Blog page lines up perfectly. This in Firefox/IE/Chrome on pc.

2. On the site I’m working on I have a front page and a separate blog page. I can’t seem to move the sidebar on the blog page. By default I get a sidebar on the left with wp’s standard issue widgets (Links and Meta). I can add my own widgets to the sidebar ok. However if I choose a different layout for the blog page (say a right sidebar), the left sidebar stays and no right sidebar appears. If I move my widgets into the right sidebar, still no right sidebar, and the left sidebar displays wp default widgets again. If I choose the wide layout, left sidebar stays put.

3. Testing 2 a little more on a standard post (not page), I tried moving the sidebar from left to right. The post content stayed where it was (same position, same width) and overwrote the right sidebar widgets. The left sidebar remained in place on the left and shifted down to beneath the end of the post content, still over on the left.

4. Last alignment query: in the search widget the button appears either on top of or to the left of the entry field. By design? Can it be moved to right/beneath?

I know its sometimes difficult visualising layout problems from descriptions - one of today’s jobs is to get this test site on line somewhere and you can take a look directly, but if you can do anything in the meantime from my description I’d be grateful

thanks again


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1 - Yes, it would be most helpful if I could see a live link, screenshot, or illustration for the visual elements that may need adjustments. Just let me know when you get it online and I’ll be glad to take a look.

2 & 3 - I think there’s a misunderstanding of the theme functionality here. The static blog Page is just a placeholder WordPress uses for permalink (URL) structure. e.g; yourdomain.com/blog. Changing the Page layout settings and attributes is not going to actually effect your blog home layout. Your blog layout will always inherit the default layout in the theme settings:

That said, if you want your blog home to differ from your default settings, you can edit home.php:
(wp-content/themes/breeze/home.php or Appearance → Editor → home.php)

// Total must be 24 (24 col. 960 Grid - 1 Unit = 40px)
$contentgrid = "10"; // Main Content Grid Width
$leftsidebargrid = "7"; //  Left Sidebar Grid Width
$rightsidebargrid = "7"; //  Right Sidebar Grid Width

// Override Custom Post Image Size (Leave empty to use default theme settings)
$imgheight = '';
$imgwidth = '';

// Fetch the default Layout Style from theme options
$colstyle = GetArchiveColStyle(&$colstyle);

// Uncomment below to override the page layout setting for this template
// Options: left, right, leftright, wide
// $colstyle = "wide";

You can always refer to the WordPress template hierarchy to know what template is being displayed.

4 - Yes, I’m sure this can be tweaked. If you want to look at searchform.php, this is the markup for the search form. Once you get online, I’ll be glad to test some CSS against it and see what can be done given your requirements.



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Thanks Casey!

Yes I missed the Default Layout option, no problem now.

Will let you know when its on line - sidebar on the left: sidebar lines up with the header; sidebar on the right: content on left doesn’t line up with the header.

I’ll have a play with the search button - thanks for the pointer.