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Slider issues


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hi there
I’m trying to set up presstige home page with a 2/3 slider:

and having the following problems:

1/ after inserting the following shortcode:
[latest excerpt=“true” thumbs=“true” width=“50” height=“50” num=“3”]
...I noticed that [raw] [/raw] shortcodes appeared on my homepage—see attached screenshot

these [raw] [/raw] shortcodes disappear as soon as I delete this:
[latest excerpt=“true” thumbs=“true” width=“50” height=“50” num=“3”]

should I delete [raw] [/raw]? will it affect the slider?

2/ cannot make any slide clickable - I inserted an URL in “Button URL / link” field of each slide but cannot click them:
http://cloudcomputingforum.pl/ - on home page with [raw] [/raw]  issue
http://cloudcomputingforum.pl/home-with-slideshow/ - on some other page without that issue (no excerpts)

3/ what’s the rule on slideshow size vs. slides size? right now I have a slideshow 620x270 and slides 600x250 - it seems that slide images have 10px left and top padding and I have to allow the same padding on the other side?

here’s an attempt to make the slideshow size = slides size = 600x250 :

thanks for any help :)

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You should be able to safely remove the raw tags. This is just to prevent any additional unwanted white space or paragraph breaks.

As for not being able to make the slide clickable (the one on your home page) it looks like the clickable “read more” button is hidden in the slider because you’ve specified a slider height smaller than the size of the inserted image. If you choose “Full Size Image” and set that image as the “Featured Image” then you will be able to click it.

See what I mean here. When I disable CSS I can see the read more link hidden inside the slide.

what’s the rule on slideshow size vs. slides size?

I you use a text-based slide (or text with image) there will be padding. If you choose a full size image slide, this padding will not appear. What it looks like you’re trying to achieve is full sized image slides and text. I think your best bet is to add some text to the image itself in Photoshop or just use the image captions feature of the slide.