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Site Keeps Crashing


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I’m using Presstige at http://www.davidlupberger.com and the site keeps crashing. It’s probably not the theme that is causing the problem, it’s probably a plugin. I just can’t seem to narrow it down and find a consistent answer as to why it keeps going down. It seems very random.

My question is this - Is there any way to check a site to see what is causing it problems? Is there a software or something. The server host says it’s not the server and doesn’t seem to have any answers.

If anyone know’s how to check this I would really appreciate any advice.



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What exactly do you mean by “crashing”? Is there an error message on the screen or is the server just inaccessible?
You can usually look at your error logs which is sometimes available in your hosting control panel. Sometimes they can be quite large but if you can trace the time frame of the “crash” to the error in the log, you’ll be that much closer.

I don’t know your physical location, but I had a recent problem with my AT&T ISP this past week where certain domains were just not available at all - including this site.