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Logo Images Not appearing on live pages.


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This is happening on more than one theme actually…

I created a demo site so that I can test each theme for specific things (mobile etc), so that I can try more than one. (Its set up as a WP network).

I realize that some things don’t work on the networks, however for the most part these themes are working great.

The only issue I’m having (with prestige and Orion for sure) is that when I change the logo graphic by uploading a new one, the image totally disappears.

I’ve included a couple of screenshots - one of the admin showing it IS uploaded, no errors - and one of the page it should bre appearing on.

http://www.businessandmarketing.com/demo7 - this is the screenshots for prestige.
Here’s where else it is doing the same thing:

http://www.businessandmarketing.com/demo3 (Breeze)
http://www.businessandmarketing.com/demo5 Onyx
http://www.businessandmarketing.com/demo6 Orion

http://www.businessandmarketing.com/demo4 which is Element DOES WORK.

I can’t see that it would be permissions as the images ARE uploading…. but it doesn’t seem to like replacing the graphics in the theme. (See the yellow highlighted spot where it should appear in the screenshot attached)



(Sorry - forgot to include the images)

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This looks like a permissions problem with the cache directory in each theme. See this image error for example.

In each theme folder is a /cache directory. Make sure the permissions of this folder is 755 or 777 (some servers may vary).