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Child Theme Considerations


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I’m trying to get my hands around whether or not I need to employ a child theme. I like the idea of my customization being one step away from updates. In practice I am not really sure what it means or entails because I’m just starting with WP and I was hoping your could help here.

My understanding is there are two main update areas:
1) Simple Theme updates - originally when I inquired about the themes and asked about parent/child I think you said new them releases are not common and are all very well vetted already so not need to worry here

2) WP version updates - my simple understanding is WP will do regular version updates and I need to stay up to date with them to enjoy full functionality, compatibility and security. Here are my basic questions:
-Should I create a child and how do your theme options and WP versions interact?
-If I determine I should create a theme should I do it now. Meaning I am pretty far along in my theme building, if I wait will I have redo anything?
-How do I do it for Prestige? Saw a video you made for Element.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Your understanding of the child theme and updates is correct, however presently the Presstige theme is not built on a child themeable framework - so there’s no need for additional steps with this theme. That said, the framework that Presstige is built on is a very solid standalone theme package. The only time you might want to update it is if a new feature is added that you might want to employ. Updates very rarely modify the core CSS or template files.

Newer themes like Skeleton, Element and the upcoming Synapse themes are built on newer technology that allow for child theming and remote updates. Quite honestly the purpose of a framework makes it easier for us to develop more themes. Most of the feature functionality is carried over from the previous framework. I actually prefer the old method but when it comes to updating 25 themes it makes the build process much easier.