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using element-child theme + lib folder


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I’m localizing this theme in french, and for that i’m using the localize plug-in to create & edit a .mo file.
Every thing goes fine until i have to translate the Continue reading button in the excerpt “latest posts anywhere” short code, witch is used from the file shortcodes.php in the lib folder.

I have no idea how to overwrite these files in the lib folder using the child theme system. (I also have to change a few words to in the content_functions.php file for a minor change in the breadcrumb)
I tried to copy the folder lib and the only files I needed in the child theme folder, and inserted the require_once code in the child function.php file, but it didn’t work.

Do I have something wrong doing that ? since i’m not an expert playing with php.

thank-you for your help


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Hi Matt,

I was in a similar position as you. I can recommend this plug-in to solve the tasks:

Some other plug-ins from the same author listed in the right column
might help as well localizing as well.

Best regards

PS: I hope you, Matt, solved your task since your post - but others might get at the same point as you and me, so I replied. wink