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Changing Theme Width


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Hi There,

I realize that Presstige is geared towards a 1024px screen resolution.  However, 90% of my audience has screen resolutions above this value, and I would like to better cater to their needs.  It would also enhance my ad offering.

What’s the most effective way to increase the width of the entire theme without breaking the 16-grid layout?  e.g. if I wanted a 1280px wide setup (also divisible by 16) what CSS classes should I work with?


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The grid system is actually a 24-column 960px.
You can use this grid generator to create your own (provided it remains 24 columns).

Once you generate your grid, you’ll need to copy and replace the css in presstige/css/grid.css.
You’ll also need to edit one or two instances in css/master.css and style{x}.css by simply finding/replacing anything “960px” with “1248px” (for the example below).

1248px 24-col grid (css)
1248px 24-col (preview)