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Problem with Slick Contact Forms Plugin . Displays correctly on every page but landing page


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I've installed the slick contact forms plugin on a footer widget area. This is a slideout contact form that displays a "contact us " tab and when clicked on displays the entire contact form . The form displays correctly on every page but my landing page where it is shown in my footer section. The url of my developing site is http://mariaconsuelo.com/antonio
I'm very new at this and would like to know how the footer on my landing page is different from my other pages. would really appreciate any help.

Non - Plugin related my header seems to have a top and bottom section with the same color which can be corrected if I knew how. Any comments would be appreciated.
please look at http://mariaconsuelo.com/antonio

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Hi, I'm not sure I follow unless you've since fixed the issue. I'm seeing the form described shown on the right of the page, not in the footer. Your header image looks like its being stretched beyond its original scale. Your header image is 648px x 99px. Have you tried entering this size in the header logo options?