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Landing page columns- any way to have them linked to newest posts/news


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Hi, I am very new to this theme and websites in general. I am trying to create a nice landing page/home page for my website http://www.curaearth.org.

The templates I can insert are nice, but what I am looking for is the slider, with 3 columns under. The tricky part is that I would like the columns to change as new posts on the blog or news/events section of the website update, so that the columns are not just static info. Is there a way to do this? Or maybe a widget to use instead of the actual columns?

I'd like my page to look more like this: http://www.worldwildlife.org/home-full.html, and less like what we have at the moment. I realize that the website I just mentioned likely was built from scratch by professionals, but it is just an example of what I'm trying to do.


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This is possible, however it requires a little understanding on your part of how the "shortcodes" work (Don't let that term scare you. It's pretty straightforward). First of all, you'll need to update the latest version of the theme as I've added some additional functionality while responding to this post. The only file you'll need to update is /lib/functions/content_functions.php.

Once the theme is up to date, just create a new Page or edit an existing one. This will be your home page with the full width slider and three dynamic columns. To insert a full width slideshow, first create your slideshow and insert it into the page using the "insert slideshow" button - This basically just inserts the slideshow shortcode for you. The main thing is that the width is set to 940. Your category will most likely be different than mine, and looks something like this:

[slideshow effect="crossfade" category="5" width="940" height="250" autoplay="false" speed="1000" pagination="true" prevnext="true"]
Once you've inserted the slideshow, now you can insert the 3 dynamic columns using the "latest" shortcode wrapped in the column shortcodes which basically looks like this *again, your category ID's will most likely differ from mine.
[latest excerpt="true" thumbs="true" width="50" height="50" num="1" cat="9,6,10"]

[latest excerpt="true" thumbs="true" width="50" height="50" num="1" offset="1" cat="9,6,10"]

[latest excerpt="true" thumbs="true" width="50" height="50" num="1" offset="2" cat="9,6,10"]

Basically everything in between the [one_third]...[/one_third] tags is your 3-columns.

The [latest] shortcode within each one has several parameters:

excerpt="true" // shows the excerpt text or the first 55 characters of each post
thumbs="true" // shows the featured thumbnail of each post
width="50" // width of the thumbnail image
height="50" / height of the thumbnail image
num="1" // show only one post
offset="2" // offset by X, because we already displayed the first post in the first column
cat="9,6,10" // show posts from category ID's 9,6, and 10

(*To determine the category ID's, the easiest way is to install the WP Show ID's plugin.

This is the final code of the page:
And this is the result: