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Slideshow not displaying on internet explorer


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Hi, first I want to say that I'm very pleased with the support I've gotten on this site. My first site is now done http://itcrestoration.com.
I've noticed that my slider slideshow on my landing page displays correctly on Firefox but it looks like the the slides aren't displayed on Internet Explorer.By that I mean, the first slide displays without ever changing. I probably have the lates IE version. Any ideas on how to get my slideshow to work on IE

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Hi, It looks like there is a javascript error with one of your plugins "jqslickcontact_widget". Can you try disabling it temporarily and see if we can eliminate this as a variable culprit?

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I noticed the same 'no slideshow' in my Firefox....the moment you mentioned script, I remembered my Script Blocker :) Replying just to add as a place to check for others in the future :)