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Synapse Theme - Turn off page title display on category pages


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Sorry to post here but I see there is no Synapse theme forum yet.

Been looking forward to this theme - thanks for the great work.

Two questions on page titles:

1.)  Is there a way to turn off the CATEGORY page titles? 

2.)  Can I turn off regular page titles (i.e., pages that I create manually) using the same technique you developed for the Element Theme - i.e., create a custom field of “hidetitle” and set the value to “true”?

Thanks for your help.



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Glad you’re liking the theme!

Currently, the only way to remove the Category title is to copy category.php into your child theme directory and remove or comment it out from the file.

<h1 class="leader"><?php printf( __( 'Category: %s', 'smpl' ), single_cat_title( '', false ) );?></h1>

To hide a page/post title manually, just set a custom field of “hidetitle” to “true”.