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Synapse Questions


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Hi Casey,

I sent you my login info a while back, but I've been traveling a lot and haven't had the chance to follow up until now. These are the questions that remain now:

• I'm using the Synapse theme dimensions for my logo, and I've included the logo_2x version, but it still doesn't scale correctly in the mobile version?
• Removing the SimpleThemes logo from my website: I added the code you suggested to the functions.php file of the child theme (after the code that is there) but it rendered errors.
• My Google analytics still doesn't work, although the Google fonts script does.
• How do I change the size of the h3 headings in the sidebar?
• Some of my readers have pointed out that the Comments link on each blog post is hard to spot.
• The pagination still seems a bit off?
• How do you create a different teaser widget area for a certain page (or pages)?
• How do I format the submit button in a mail chimp signup?