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Update theme effect on child…


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This must be an FAQ, but I can't find it.

I understand the purpose of child themes, and am using one. I also update the parent when a new rev comes out.

Aren't there times when the child theme's files really need to be updated because something important has changed in the parent theme? For example, the child theme that ships with synapse has the style1-4 files in it. What if those files change in the parent (which I think they do)? Aren't there some changes in the parent I might want to have?

I guess I'm asking a generic question: when using child themes, are there things you should look out for in the parent theme updates that might have to propagate down to my child theme's directory? (perhaps by manually integrating the changes so as not to overwrite any customizations)


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Good question. The child theme's styles (style1.css,style2.css, etc.) consist mostly of colors and other non-detrimental rules.

That said, anything copied from the parent theme such as a template, function, or core stylesheets will override the parent theme - regardless of update. This may or may not be your intended result. This gives devleopers freedom to extend the functionality of the theme while protecting users who just wish to stay up to day and for the most part, use the theme out of the box.