Breeze Theme Documentation

General Documentation


Installation/Getting Started

When you first download Breeze you’ll have a zip file named
Extract this file locally. Inside you’ll see a few files and folders:

  • (general theme information)
  • (the parent theme/framework)
  • (child theme)

To ensure you’ll get automatic updates, install both and and then activate the Breeze Child Theme.

If you’re starting with a new installation of WordPress, you might find it useful to download and import the Breeze sample content.



Video Tutorial

Are you new to WordPress or have never used a theme from Simple Themes before?

Here’s a helpful video tutorial that will help you get started.


Using Content Templates

Breeze includes easy content templates to give you a head start when composing your content. To insert any of the provided content templates, click the “Insert Content” icon in your editor toolbar.


Header Customization

Breeze supports two header types: Graphic Image or Styled Text. You can configure your header from Appearance → Breeze Options → Layout & Appearance.

Text Header

The text header will automatically dislpay your site name and tagline and can be changed from the core WordPress settings page (Settings → General).

Graphic Image Header

The first (and easiest) method is to display your header as an image id to simply upload your logo from Appearance → Breeze Options → Layout tab. Once you’ve uploaded your header image, you’ll need to enter the width and height dimensions.

The second and less resource intensive is to replace logo.png in wp-content/themes/breeze/images/style{x}. Where *x* is the default style you have chosen (e.g; style3).