Creating Slideshows (Framework v.3)

  • Posted on May 03, 2011

This tutorial will explain how to create and add slideshows to your content using the latest theme framework.

Create a Slideshow

To create a slideshow, select the Slideshows item from the "Slides" post type.

Give your slideshow a name and friendly "slug" (single word, no spaces) then click the "Add Slideshow" button.

Add Some Slides

Click the "Add New" button to add a new slide.

Name the Slide and Choose a Slide Type

Slide images can be displayed in 4 ways: Thumbnail Left, Thumbnail Right, Full Size, and No Image.

Assign the Slide to a Slideshow

Select the slideshow(s) for this slide to be displayed in.

Add Slide Image

If you choose to add an image to your slide, click the "Set Featured Image" link. This box may be on the right of your page, but can be dragged to a more accessible location.

Choose an Image

A modal window will pop up. Here you can upload an image, select an image from your media library, or manually type a URL to the image. If you manually specify an image URL, it must be on the same domain as your WordPress installation.

Set the Featured Image

Once your image is selected, look down at the bottom of the window and click "Use as featured image". Unless you've made any changes to other images, you can just click the "x" to close the window.

Set Slide Options

As you can see, Slides can do many things. These options are optional.
1.) Slide Text - If you specify a (2) thumbnail or no image to be displayed, this is what will be displayed in your slide.
If you select a full size image, obviously this text will not be displayed.

3.) If you selected thumbnail (2) above, you can specify a comma separated width and height array e.g; 150,100.

4.) If you selected thumbnail (2) above, a button will be displayed. This will be the button text. If you leave this blank, a button will not be displayed.

5.) URL to go when slide is clicked. This applies to all slide types.

6.) Target window the link should be opened in.

7.) You can specify an optional caption to be displayed below each slide.

8.) Displays the title in the slide and/or caption.

Inserting Slideshows in Content

When you create a new Page or Post, pPlace the cursor in the editor where you would like to insert the slideshow and click the "Insert Slideshow" icon in the editor toolbar.

Insert Slideshow!

Set the options for your slideshow and click "Insert".
You can now preview your slideshow on your site.

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