Creating Galleries in WordPress

  • Posted on May 15, 2011

WordPress not only allows you to insert images in your content, but you can also display complex galleries. In this lesson, we'll walk you through the steps of getting a gallery on your site.

Create a Page

Click Pages → New to add a new Page.

Add Some Images

Give your page a name (1.) and then begin inserting images from the ( 2.) "Insert Image" button in your editor.

Upload Your Images

A modal/popup window appears where you can upload a series of images. Click the "Select Files" buton to begin uploading your images. You can choose several at a time by holding down the control key when selecting.

Adjust Your Images

Once your images are uploaded, (1.) switch to the Gallery tab where you can drag/drop to (2.) re-order your images. You can also edit the image titles by clicking the "Show" link to (3.) edit each images' attributes.

Insert Gallery

Once your images are all in place, at the bottom of the Gallery settings ppopup window, you can choose the number of columns to display in your gallery. Click "Insert Gallery" and preview your page to see the results. If you selected "Link Thumbnails to Image File" your images will automatically appear in a Lightbox.

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