Setting up a Static or Dynamic Home Page in WordPress

  • Posted on May 23, 2011

WordPress gives you the option to display your front page either as a "Static Page" or a "Blog".

To change these settings, simply go to Settings → Reading in your admin console. Here you can either select a "Page" to be displayed on your front page, or you can choose to display all your latests blog "Posts" instead.


If you're building a traditional web site, you might want to go with the first option. If the main purpose of your site is a blog, then you would want to go with the latter.

Static Page Setup

If you choose to display a static page as your home page, just create a new page called "Home". If you also want to have a blog, you would create another Page (yes, a Page) named "Blog". The reason we do it this way is to control your blog URL. For example, say your Blog's page slug was "blog", this would allow you to invoke your blog URL at

As mentioned above, go to Settings → Reading in your admin console and assign the Blog Page as your "Posts Page". This Page will now serve as a placeholder for your blog entries.

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