Jambo is a free WordPress theme bundled with many of the same options found in our premium WordPress themes. It comes with 4 color styles with a nice ‘dropline’ CSS menu, integrated typography, slider, and more.

Features Overview

  • Multiple Widget Locations
  • Integrated Typography w/ Bonus Styles
  • Multiple Color Styles
  • Multi-Level Navigation
  • Individual Page Layouts
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Commented CSS for Easy Customization
  • Simple Admin Panel
  • Solid & Secure Framework

Jambo Theme Features

The Admin Panel

The Jambo Admin Panel gives you access to a variety of options which control the theme’s default settings. Settings canbe overridden very easily on a per-template basis. The admin panel gives you control over your basic appearance, such as header style, footer text, image resizing options, featured slider, ad blocks, seo options, and more.

Header Setup

Jambo uses a very sophisticated header replacement method that will give your site maximum SEO not found in many other premium WordPress themes. The logo is a CSS based H1 tag that will change dynamically with your home page and subsequent pages based on the page title. The admin panel gives you the option to display your header as text, but if you want to create a graphic and add yoru logo, you’ll need to upload the file logo.png to the /wp-content/themes/jambo/images/style{x} folder.
(where {x} referes to the default style you’ve selected e.g; style2/)

WordPress 3 Menu System

Jambo is WordPress 3.0 ready, which means you have access to the new Menu Manager features! Just name your menu “Top Menu” and you can start customizing your navigation. Jambo’s built-in pure CSS dropdown menu system will work for you right out of the box.

Custom Sidebar Placement Parameters

Jambo lets you set your default sidebar placement in the admin options. But what if you want a specific page or post to display a wide page or maybe you want the sidebar to be placed on the left instead of the right? Just tick the radio button in your edit screen to override the default position.

Slider Parameters

We’ve made the Jambo slider as simple as possible, but it requires a little forethought and understanding of how WordPress works. There are two ways to display the slides in your slider:
Posts: By a specific Category
Pages: Specific Pages

Then there are three methods of how to display your slides:

  • Manual:
    Title ans all content of the specified Pages (or Posts) before the “more” tag is shown
  • Text with Custom Thumbnail:
    All text before the “more” tag is shown with a dynamically resized thumbnail. The thumbnail for the Pages (or Posts) are defined in the “Custom Page Thumbnail” meta box in the edit screen.
  • Image Only:
    Displays a graphic Image defined in the “Custom Page Thumbnail” meta box in the edit screen.

(Even More) Advanced Layout Options

Suppose you have a template that you want to display in a slightly different method than the options provided in the UI. Jambo has a set of parameters built in to the top of each page which gives you even more control over your display. Jambo gives you the ability to change the sidebar width and post/page thumbnail sizes on a template basis.

Contact Page Setup

Setting up the Contact Page is simple but requires a little customization. First, you need to create a Page and assign the “Contact Page” as its template. You can type anything in the page editor to greet your users. You’ll notice the sidebar is much wider than the other pages. This is for your Google maps integration and social media widgets. You can find these widgets already installed by the theme in your Widgets Manager. For the Google maps integration just locate your business and copy the link to the map from the upper right-hand corner and grab the HTML code from the popup. You might want to change the width and height parameters to suit your layout. We used 380 x 245. Finally, to make the contact form work (We’ll update this in a future update) you’ll need to edit contact-form.php. Just find the two references to “you@yourdomain.com” and you’re all set.