Mobius is a simple WordPress theme aimed at users seeking an attractive, professional look with complete control over customization.

Theme Screenshots

Features Overview

  • ACF Integrated
  • Google Maps Integrated
  • Full-Width Slider
  • Multiple Widget Locations
  • Integrated Typography w/ Bonus Styles
  • Multiple Color Styles
  • Multi-Level Navigation
  • Individual Page Layouts
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Commented CSS for Easy Customization
  • Simple Admin Panel
  • Solid & Secure Framework

Mobius Theme Features


Mobius responds flawlessly to all the latest handheld, tablets and mobile devices and of course works beautifully on all the major desktop browsers all the way down to IE7.


Child Theme-able

A child theme lets you keep your theme up-to-date with the latest browsers and WordPress updates without the risk of losing your changes. Customizations and overrides can be typical to complex, giving you ultimate control without compromising security or compatibility.


Eight Color Presets

We’ve built 8 vivid presets into Mobius from earthtones to business and even a few other brilliant colors to choose from. You can use them “as-is” or as a starting point for your own customizations and fine tuning in the options panel. View all styles


Theme Options Panel

Mobius options offers a plethora of settings allowing you to quickly tweak typography, colors, fonts, background images and more. For developers, the powerful options framework can be customized at child theme level for advanced control. Great for handing off to clients.


Advanced Custom Fields

ACF is one of the most popular plugins available to WordPress developers. It allows you to customize the backend experience for various content types. We’ve bundled some of its potentioal into Mobius with a customizable Google Maps and a beautiful full-width Backstretch slider. Learn more


Rotators/Sliders Anywhere

If you like sliders and content rotators, Mobius allows you to embed them just about anywhere within your content. With a little time and planning, you can build a complete professional visual experience for your users. Learn more


Notifications & Callout Styles

Whether it be a call to action on a sales page or an important notice you’d like to display, Mobius has several integrated styles enabling you to easily add content that stands out and grabs your user’s attention. Learn more


Tabbed Content

Sometimes content just doesn’t fit where it needs to. Tabs fix that. Using a simple [tabgroup] shortcode, you can simplify just about any page by organizing it into accessible tabs. Learn more



If you’re designing a page and it’s just feeling too linear, then columns come to the rescue. Just wrap any text in a fractional shortcode such as [one_third] or [one_half] and you’ve got instant columns! Learn more


Accordion/Toggles in Content

Accordion UI elements are also a good way to solve common usability problems. Use the [toggle] shortcode anywhere in your content for quick accordion-like dropdown toggle dialogs. Learn more


Latest Posts Shortcode

Has a client ever asked something like, “Can I display posts from X category on this Page?…in 3 columns?…with thumbnails?” The Latest Posts shortcode comes to the rescue in situations like this. Learn more


Beautiful Browser-Safe Buttons

Buttons rule. We all know what they do and they do it well. When we want someone to find a page or perform an action without having to search for the answer, we use buttons. Mobius has a simple solution for buttons of all shapes, sizes and colors just for you. Learn more


10 Convenient Widget Locations

With Mobius, you can drag Widgets just about anywhere. In addition to left and right sidebars, you can also put a widget above or below content, ina featured “teaser” widget area or in 4 columns of your footer. Learn more


Typography & Style Guide

Typography is probably the most important element of a website. We’ve outlined all the available classes in a comprehensive style guide to help you achieve the best looking content possible. Learn more